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Dog Sweater

Loden Green Dog Sweater
Loden Green Dog Sweater

If you have a Dachshund, please see our special sleeveless Dachsie Sweater.

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100% Rainproof, Breathable, Warm and Washable

Ideal for all over coverage against the wind and rain, and for wrapping up warm at night. Your dog will be so dry and cozy he won’t want to take it off.

The sleeves ensure a comfortable and even fit, insulating the joints without any tension across the shoulders or twisting round, and there are no zippers or buckles to lie on or to get in the way of a harness.

If your dog is already wet, the Equafleece® Dog Sweater is the ideal drying tool, wicking the wet away from the dog’s coat to the outside of the sweater, without him having to sit in a damp towel. For the working dog who is cold and wet through, this is the perfect garment to restore core body temperature and dry off quickly.

Black Dog Sweater
Black Dog Sweater
Mulberry Dog Sweater
Mulberry Dog Sweater
Cobalt Blue Sweater
Cobalt Blue Dog Sweater

Slim Sweaters

These fit all very slim dogs like long slim Terriers, Whippets, Lurchers, Greyhounds, Deerhounds, etc. Completely rainproof with a thermal rating of over 4 tog (similar to a summer duvet).

Dachsie Sweaters

These have leg holes rather than sleeves to fit long, slim, short legged breeds and are often the best fit for very slim, light-boned Jack Russells, Yorkies and tiny Chihuahuas. A well-fitting garment will keep your Dachshund completely dry and warm in the wettest of weathers.

Pug Sweaters

For broader breeds of dogs. They are also ideal for any dog that is carrying a little extra weight for whatever reason.