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Dog Shorts

Dog Shorts, Sky Blue
Dog Shorts, Sky Blue
Sizing: Measure around the waist directly in front of the back legs. See table below.
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(varies according to options selected above)

These fabulously comfortable shorts, shaped like a back-to-front nappy, have a variety of uses. Incontinence, urinary infection, in season, the list goes on. Insert a panty liner or sanitary pad to isolate drips and smells.

Easily and endlessly washable, the Equafleece® shorts are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane (spandex) to maintain shape.

Fasten with two wide velcro tabs and adjustable elastic around the legs.


Waist Size
9–13" (23–33cm) XS
13–17" (33–43cm) S
17–23" (43–58.5cm) M
23–29" (58.5–73.5cm) L
Dog Shorts, Brown
Dog Shorts, Brown