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Summer Suit

Summer Suit in Raspberry Red
Summer Suit in Raspberry Red

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The water-repellent Summer Suit is a fabulous garment which can also help keep your dog clean in muddy conditions.

Made from a super-stretchy technical fabric, similar in look and feel to cotton T-shirting, but wicking and with a really good degree of water-repellence. Whilst it isn't 100% rainproof, a number of customers have told us it has been showerproof on their dogs.

Originally conceived as a Tick Suit, this garment is designed to be a bit more fitting without being tight, made easy by the elasticity of the fabric. As a result, it won’t be a problem if your dog happens to briefly take to the water, though it’s certainly no wetsuit!

Please note: Each size has a standard leg length. If this is too long for your dog, once you’re happy with the body fit, you can trim the sleeves to your required length – this fabric doesn’t fray.

Summer Suit in Black
Summer Suit in Black